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Your Expert in Integrative Functional Restorative Medicine and Age Management

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UPDATES for Patients​

Covid Clinic Adjustments

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We look forward to sharing with you our insights, tips for success, wisdom and decades of clinical experience. We are here to support you in your choice to live a life of optimal health, hormonal balance, low inflammation and abundant energy. 

So many of the most feared conditions, like Alzheimer's, heart disease, mood imbalances, diabetes, and cancer are largely preventable. Here you will be cared for using the latest research from peer-reviewed sources. 
We will share with you information from well-respected thought leaders in health, utilizing cutting edge cost effective testing, screened nutritional products, and tools that provide actionable steps to restore and maintain optimal health.

Science based conventional and Integrative/ Functional Medical models of care are combined to meet your unique needs. We will listen carefully and spend enough time to help you in​ whatever way we can. You are welcome here no matter what age, belief, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.

The BrainSpan Report: Valid Precise Actionable

The BrainSpan Report: Valid Precise Actionable

The Health of Your Cells Dictate the Health of Your Brain and entire Body

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Powerful Technologies for Superior Anti-aging results without anesthetic or downtime

Margaret Merrifield MD, CCFP, FCFP   509-628-3060   

 4960 Rau Lane, Richland WA 99352 iServing the Tri Cities since 1997