Can You Help Me?

Yes, if you want to learn and integrate the changes needed to heal. 

RESTored HEALth By Choice™ is an integrated person-centered health model for men, women and children of all ages 

designed to optimize health potential.

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This model of comprehensive quality health care identifies underlying imbalances and aims to correct them so you may transform your body/your mind/your life. This is done through:

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  • Personal Consultations
  • No-cost ways to Track Progress
  • Ongoing Support
  • Cutting edge Testing at our 'Professional' Cost
  • Economical Health Coaching
  • Physician-Approved, Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrients
  • Educational Materials
  • Seminars/Workshops/Group Presentations

Your Expert in Integrative Functional Restorative Medicine

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Margaret Merrifield MD  CCFP  FCFP    Serving the Tri Cities since 1997

4960 Rau Lane  Richland WA 99352  ​